Kichler Ceiling Fan Warranty

Kichler’s ceiling fan warranty is very helpful for you if you have a Kichler ceiling fan. Your location can also impact the warranty and it can also be different. For instance, for USA users, the warranty will be offered as per the law of the state. Kichler takes into account the laws based on the state. For example, there are some provisions only applicable to New Jersey. To learn about it comprehensively, have a look at Kichler’s ceiling fan warranty available on their official website.

Kichler Ceiling Fan Warranty for Parts (Lights and Bulbs):

  • Kichler covers LED lighting fixtures and electrical parts for 5 years under its warranty from the original date of purchase. This rule is also applied to the residential single family.
  • They offer 3 years warranty on commercial purchases from the original date of purchase
  • All other parts are covered with one-year warranty.

Kichler parts that come under this one-year warranty span include blades, down rods, light kits, housing and switches.

In case, you have bought a Kichler special order ceiling fan, you will be entertained from the warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

Kichler Ceiling Fan Warranty – Terms & Conditions

If you face any issue during the warranty period, Kichler will replace or repair the fan. It will be their call which one they do. They will not charge anything for it. This is applicable to any component that has a defect. Another point to keep in mind is that if you have installed the fan wrong and it follows an accident, the warranty will be voided as it only applies to “normal installation”, so you will be responsible for it. For instance, you did not follow the right instructions to install it, it fell down while using it, and one of the blades broke. Kichler will not offer you anything. The wear and tear will also be ineligible.

As a last resort, if replacement or repair is not done, Kichler may give you a refund and you will have to return it to get it.

What is not covered by the Kichler Ceiling Fan Warranty?

  • Kichler fan company’s Non-LED Light Bulbs
  • Non Kichler Branded LED Light bulbs delivered by Kichler
  • Wear and tear
  • If the fan has violated the voltage settings which is from 108 to 132 Volts AC and used the settings outside of North American voltage