Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Warranty

Monte Carlo features a lifetime warranty for their ceiling fans. In order to enjoy the warranty claim and get what the warranty offers, you have to send a warranty card to Monte Carlo through mail. It will lock or activate the warranty to make sure the coverage is offered to your fan. Here are the details on the Monte Carlo warranty, and what it covers for your fan:

monte carlo ceiling fan

It covers blades (if wooden), switches, and finishes – plated finishes – are covered for one year from the purchasing date. One point to keep in mind is that the manufacturer will not replace the light bulbs and glass globes if broken. If a light bulb or a glass globe is broken when you purchased the unit, you will get a replacement. However, it can be hard to prove that the bulb or globe was broken when purchased.

Remember that Monte Carlo only offers a warranty to the original purchaser of the fan which is the same as other ceiling fan manufacturers such as Hunter. It indicates that if you purchase a used fan, or it is a hand-me-down, you cannot claim warranty from Monte Carlo on the fan. the purchasing of the fan should be from the united states or Canada, otherwise it will void the warranty too. Keep in mind that it must be bought from an authorized dealer too. So, if you have bought the fan through online advertisement or anyplace other than the retail store, the warranty is not applied to it.

monte carlo discus ceiling fan
The Monte Carlo Discus Ceiling Fan is a great example of a crisp Monte Carlo fan. This page has more information about their specific warranty procedure.

There are circumstances in which the warranty is not valid. However, all of these regulations follow the standard. They are similar to other fan brands or manufacturers.

Monte Carlo Customer Service

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that we are not the official website or the manufacturer. Users often send us emails for support and complain about the manufacturer or their unit because they think we make them. We do not pay attention to such requests and that is the reason we are giving the relevant details to help you.

Having said that, you can contact the Monte Carlo manufacturer by using the following details,

Call Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans Customer Service Department @ 1-800-519-4092

This is working on weekdays between 8:00 am – 5:30 pm central time

This phone number is of the manufacturer.