Hunter Ceiling Fan Warranty

Hunter Limited Lifetime Warranty can be claimed by the original purchase of the Hunter fan.

What Does Hunter Warranty Cover?

If your fan motor fails at any time within one year after the original date of purchase, because of a defect in the ceiling fan or the workmanship, then you will get a replacement free of charge from the nearest service center. In order to obtain it, you need to find the nearest Hunter fan service center.

Apart from the motor, other parts are also covered with a one-year warranty from Hunter. Light kits are also included in the parts which will be replaced under the one-year warranty period.

What Does This Warranty NOT Cover?

Hunter ceiling fan warranty does not include the labor charges that can be incurred to remove or install a fan or entire replace the fan as well as the parts. It means that Hunter may offer replacement parts but you need to install them all by yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Local certified electricians can be a better choice.

Hunter does not cover light bulbs under the warranty. If the light bulbs burn out, you need to replace them.

Similarly, the batteries are not covered under the warranty that you install in the remote control to use it.

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Most of the Hunter fan warranty is easy to understand. You will be covered if there is a problem with the motor or if there are any defects in the fan. if there is a problem with the installation such as improper installation, you will not be entertained for it.

If you have purchased the fan outside of the USA or Canada or installed it outside of these countries, this condition will not be covered by warranty either. The warranty is only applicable to these two countries of North America.

If you bought a second hand fan, not a new one from the retailer, you will not be entertained. The same is the case with the next rule. If you cannot give proof of purchase from the retailer such as a receipt, the warranty won’t apply.

Cosmetic discoloring and wear and tear are also excluded.

If you have a refurbished fan, it will also be excluded from the warranty too.

If you have incorrectly installed the fan or abused it, you cannot think about it too. For instance, if you have not installed the downrod in a proper way and the fan falls down and smashes, you can claim a warranty for it.

How can I Get warranty service from Hunter?

The first thing you need when you contact Hunter for warranty, help or support or to claim it, is to provide proof of purchase. It means that you need to give them the original sales receipt when you bought the fan. Just remember that you will not be eligible for it if you have purchased a secondhand fan. Hunter may accept a gift receipt (as mentioned on their official website) however, they have the right to accept it or decline it.

To get the service from Hunter, you need to contact Hunter Fan Company online through email or by phone number: 1-888-830-1326.

Warning: Do not try to ship your fan parts or fan itself to Hunter.