Casablanca ceiling fan warranty

Casablanca fan company has a limited warranty that can be claimed by the original purchase of the Casablanca ceiling fan.

What Does Casablanca Warranty Cover?

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Motor:

If your fan motor stops working when you are the owner of the fan and it happened because of a defect in the workmanship, or material, and it must be found out by Casablanca, you will get a replacement free of charge from the nearest service center.

One-Year Limited Warranty on Other Parts:

Apart from motor, if any other part of your Casablanca ceiling fan fails to perform within one year from the original purchase date because of a material defect or workmanship, it will be covered with one-year warranty from Casablanca.

Warranty on Light Kit may Differ

Light kits also come with one-year limited warranty but you may get additional warranty coverage in these cases:

LED light kit modules (five-year warranty) if your LED light kit stops working within five years of the span from the purchase date because of a defect and it does not include glass components.

What Does This Warranty NOT Cover?

Casablanca ceiling fan warranty does not include the labor charges such as installation and removal of the parts or even fan. electrician’s fees are also excluded. It means that you may get replacement parts but installation, removal should be done all by yourself. You can also hire local electricians to get the job done.

The warranty of Casablanca does not include light bulbs. If they burn out, you need to purchase them.

The same is the case with the batteries of the remote, they do not come under warranty.

Most of the Casablanca fan warranty is easy to understand. If your motor or fan gets any issues, you will get a replacement. You will not be covered if there is a problem with the installation such as improper installation.

If you have purchased the fan outside of the United States, or installed it outside, or the owner of the fan is other than original purchaser, if the original purchaser is not able to provide proof such as receipt of the purchase, fans bought from an unauthorized dealer, minor cosmetic blemishes will not be entertained by this warranty.

The warranty will not be applicable if the damage is done due to the following: misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, failed to follow instructions of Casablanca, accidental damage done by the owner or visitors, modifications to the fan, improper maintenance, voltage supply issues, improper parts or accessories, not maintaining properly and act of God.

Casablanca In-Home Service Warranty

Casablanca also has a 120-day in-home service warranty in which you get a service representative to repair or replace the parts if there is a defect in them. They will need proof of purchase when you claim the warranty at the time of doing service. If the service is not available in your area, you will get a free product in return for the same value.

How can I Get warranty service from Casablanca?

The first thing you need when you contact Casablanca Company for warranty, help or support or to claim it, you need to provide proof of purchase. In order to do that, you need to give them the original sales receipt indicating that you bought the fan. Casablanca may accept a gift receipt (as mentioned on their website) however, they have the right to accept it or decline it.

To claim the service from Casablanca, you need to contact Casablanca Fan Company online or at their phone number: 1-888-227-2178.

Warning: Avoid shipping your fan parts or fan itself to Casablanca because the delivery will be refused.